I'm Chris, a mixed race eclectic Wiccan, living with disability in Ireland. I'm a proud parent of a little witch, a lover of crystals, a kitchen and hearth worshiper, and a professional aura and card reader.

My blog features a lot of cats, gaming stuff, and general nonsense, but I try to post about an equal amount of witch things. Any posts that I wrote, photographed, or otherwise own will be tagged as such - everything else has been reblogged.

I'm currently aiming to create some detailed and informative posts about auras and how to accurately read them.
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I have a new wool storage thingy now! Which is a big step up from the tesco bag for life I used to keep all my wool in. Also, this week’s project has been doll jumpers, and I played around with a bit of cable-knit to keep them interesting. 

Leona’s hair is really very big. Case in point: in this photo they are both leaning back against the wall. Yes, really.


Butterfly's Self-Love Transformation Spell →


Inspired by the little monarch caterpillar I’m watching transform, here’s a spell to help you shed off the unwanted negativity of life and embrace your beautiful self!

What You Need:

  • A couple of sheets/blankets. (Can also use a couple of large towels if need be)
  • A rose…







It’s downright predatory when a guy finds your Facebook and gets your number within an hour of meeting him, all without you initiating anything or giving him any information at all. That is why this spell now exists.

A spell for protection against unwanted attention.


  1. Rose petals
  2. Boiling water
  3. Heat safe container of some sort
  4. Hairbrush
  5. Mirror

Optional Supplies/Process:

  1. Raw Honey (really great for your hair)
  2. Rosemary 
  3. Lavender
  4. Lemon (if your hair is on the lighter side/you want to start lightening your hair)
  5. Coffee beans/grinds (if your hair is on the darker side/you want to start darkening your hair)
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar (just a little, for conditioning)


Boil water in whatever way you have available. 

Pour the boiling water in a heat safe container and add the rose petals, and any of the optional supplies. Cover and let steep for at least 10 to 20 minutes. By the time you go to use it, it should be warm, not burning hot.

Take your mixture into the bathroom or place with a mirror. Sit or stand while dipping your hairbrush into the warm rose water. Start at the bottom of your hair and brush the water into it while singing the following:

Though I am beautiful (for feeling a bit more pep in your step add this line)

You will not touch

You will not talk

You will not come near me

Repeat the dipping of the hairbrush and brushing from the bottom of your hair until your entire head of hair is slightly dampened. Air dry only. 

This spell ends when the water is washed out of your hair, and can be repeated as necessary.

Optional Process:

  1. You can choose to do a little bit of knot magic in conjunction and braid a section of your hair to “lock” it in, which is what I did. 

NoteAny water not used can be stored in the fridge for around a week or two. I’d suggest warming it up, but it’s not necessary in order for you to repeat the spell, or to just use it as a hair treatment. You can also apply the water after a shower, if you don’t want to brush it in.

Note 2: Feel free to change the recitation to fit you and fit what you need out of the spell. Mine was focused on getting attention of males off of me, not getting harassed anymore, yours can be as simple as “don’t have the teacher call on me in class please”.

You can also not put your phone number on Facebook and make your profile private.

This is just a waste of magic if you haven’t actually taken practical measures first.

Seriously, who’s so hellbent on using magic to solve everything that they ignore easier, more guaranteed methods that only take a minute? Like not only is this a waste of magic, it’s a waste of time and resources too.
Be smart, kids. Use simple options first. If those don’t work, *then* consider something like this.

If you think that I didn’t tell him to stop texting me immediately or deny him on Facebook, you’re assuming that I do not have common sense, without knowing the complete story. My profile is private and my phone number is not on Facebook. He got my phone number from someone else in the group that I met him in, and he most likely found my Facebook through my first name, in someone’s friend list, as my first name is rather unique, from what I could gather. I had not told this guy anything more than a first name or given him any indication that I wanted to talk to him further. However he did it, it was damn creepy. I wrote and performed this spell after the fact to help myself feel comfortable again on my campus.

This is not a “magic to solve” spell. It’s magic to aid. 

Use mundane methods before spells, or in conjunction with mundane methods. 

The phrase “a waste of magic” assumes magic can be wasted, as if Conservation of Energy is not applicable to magic. The supplies for this are intentionally easily accessible and attainable. If this spell genuinely helps a person function, make them feel safer, or causes a wandering eye to look away, what’s the problem with using magic this way? Everyone has their own practice.

Also, this spell functions as normal, secular hair treatment, so even if it was a “waste of magic”, it’s still damn good for your hair, haha. For a treatment that takes, at most, 20 minutes to prepare and cool, and perhaps 20 minutes to brush through most hair types, that’s pretty good!

So, please, don’t assume things. Asking a question, “Hey, for that spell of yours, did you take care of things the regular way?” is always better than going straight to “oh people must be idiots to do magic, because obviously they didn’t do it this way first”.

Reblogging for the last bit of commentary and the beautiful spell.

I get a lot of anons complaining that they don’t see people trying mundane methods first, but you have to remember that you’re only getting the part of the story they’re sharing with you. If the OP only wants to share a fraction of the story and a spell, they shouldn’t and don’t have to outline all the mundane things they did to back up the spell. Also, it’s their time and energy that’s being put into a spell, so I fail to see how them doing a spell for something you think should only be handled in the mundane harms you at all. 

And as someone who’s had a stalker, blocking them on facebook, or not having your number on facebook is not a guaranteed way to keep them from finding you. There are dozens of sites where you can pay to find a persons number, full name, address, and any other “public record” information, if you have even just one of those bits of info, which is super easy to get from an acquaintance or friend. My stalker had called up a mutual acquaintance after three years of not seeing him around, and told that acquaintance that we had ran into each other the other day, and I left my purse, so he wanted to return it, but had an old phone number. That acquaintance gave him my number, and he showed up at my place of work three days later, telling my shift manager that he was my boyfriend, and there to pick me up because my mom had just been admitted to the hospital. My manager went and grabbed me, told me my boyfriend was there to pick me up because something had happened to my mom, and that I should go, they’d find someone to cover the rest of my shift, that my boyfriend was waiting outside. The ONLY thing that saved me from Gods knows what, is I was dating a woman at the time, and refused to leave, explaining to my manager what was wrong, and he called the cops for me. My information was not publicly available through any of my own devices, he found me because an acquaintance believed a story about me forgetting my purse, and he then did a pay-for search to find my employment history, address, and e-mail. You can believe I cast a protection spell after that to keep him away, because the mundane doesn’t always work. 

Long story short, you don’t know what the exact situation is, you don’t know all the steps someone has taken, you only know the brief backstory and the spell they choose to share because it might be of use to someone else. Please don’t shame people for using every method they can to protect themselves.

Ugh. So many disappointments in Tumblr’s Pagan, ahem, “community”.

As well as everything else that’s been said and beyond, can we please remember that magic can be massively comforting in situations like this, which is extremely important in a distressing situation. Magic is a *personal* tool for individual use, it belongs to everyone in whatever way they choose to apply it.

Also it is SERIOUSLY rude to try to dictate other peoples’ practice; even if you think you’re being practical, it’s not your fucking place. Especially so with things like this, where someone might be a periodic victim and outside help can actually make things worse. Mundane can’t always be the first port of call, and if you don’t understand that, tbh I don’t fucking care because you’ve obviously never been in that situation, so just stop.

Some people.

Tarot Cheat Sheet →


Major Arcana

{0 - The Fool} Unexpected opportunity, major choice.

{I - The Magician} You have the ability you need to succeed, mastery.

{II - The High Priestess} Intuition, secrets to be revealed, unexplored potential.

{III - The Empress} Nurturing to full potential,…

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